See Tokyo Tower from your living room

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1 bed 1 bath (1LDK) duplex, 122.82㎡, 1 months security deposit, 1 month key money

Your friend invites you over for a little soiree at his new apartment in Azabujuban. Heading up the elevator, your ears start to pop from the sudden change in altitude. You get off, find his room, and open the door to see it right in front of you — the red and white stripes of Tokyo Tower peaking into the room.

You take off your shoes and go into the living room to take a look closer. Up until now you never really felt that you were living in Tokyo, it could have been any other city in Japan, but the view changes all of that in an instant.

Your friend goes to the bar to the left of the window to fix you a drink, and the two of you make your way outside to the balcony. Drink in hand hanging off the balcony, you wonder to yourself — why didn’t I get this place?

¥600,000 (management fee included)

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