SOLD Christmas in Hiro

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4 bed 2.75 bath (4SLDK), 238.77㎡, 3 months security deposit, no key money

It was a stressful couple of weeks — your oldest son Billy learned that he had been waitlisted for the school you had applied him to, Kitamachi International School, and your spouse had gotten into an argument with the other parents in the PTA about the Christmas decorations in your daughter’s classroom. You never really cared much about whether they should have a nativity scene, but your spouse, though being a self-proclaimed agnostic, felt it was necessary to include one in order for the place to really feel “Christmasy.” It was only your spouse and Jenny, or whatever her name was, who pushed for this, and it had lead to the two of them being more or less ostracized by the other parents.

Getting home, you buzz yourself through the entrance and tip your hat to the concierge waiting for you at the front desk. She stops you and goes into the back room, returning shortly with a package from Amazon. She passes it to you followed by a hand-folded Santa origami, and wishes you a “Merry Christmas” for the night.

Walking down the corridor to your room, you look down at the box you’re carrying. It’s not addressed to you, but your spouse — “I’m gonna go bankrupt one of these days,” you think to yourself. You get to your front door and open it up, put the Amazon box down on the floor near the the marble entrance, and make your way to your expansive living room, past the vintage silver tinsel Christmas tree with the gifts below it, and say hi to your family.

Your spouse puts a roast into the oven and runs over to you, embracing you so hard you can’t breathe. “What happened?” you ask. “Remember Jenny?” your spouse replies. “Jenny is the wife of the head of Kitamachi International School and was so happy that I also wanted a nativity scene in the classroom that she got Billy off the waitlist!”

At that moment you remembered why you got married to that conniving spouse of yours. It was going to be a good Christmas.

¥1,200,000 (management fee included)
13 minutes to Hiro, 18 minutes to Omotesando

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