On a porch in Denenchofu

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売買物件 3LDK戸建て、199.80㎡




FOR SALE: 3 bedroom 1.5 bath (3LDK) house, 199.80㎡

It was an unseasonably warm morning. Or at least you thought it was morning until you looked at your watch — it was well into the afternoon. Against the advice of your friends, family, and even the news, you went out last night, on New Years Eve, to a countdown party and couldn’t remember how you got home. Getting out of bed, you head to your giant walk-in closet and take off your pants. You stick your hand into your pocket and take out a taxi receipt for over ¥10,000. Groaning at your own stupidity, you head downstairs to your newly-renovated kitchen, pour yourself a coffee and go out to your massive porch to sit on your rocking chair and try to remember what had happened.

You remember you had met up with a friend you hadn’t seen in ages and went to get some Indian — nothing else was open. The two of you remeninced about the trouble you used to get into. You two used to own this town. One hour turned to two, turned to four and as the restaurant was getting ready to close shop, you got the bill and was surprised to see the price, at more than double what you usually spend there. The twelve beers you two drank weren’t cheap.

You paid, stumbled up the stairs, and headed to a bar your friend likes. The place was bustling — only two seats were open. A couple of whiskey sours later you’re off to Chimp, a speakeasy in a former shoemaker’s house, that’s having a countdown party.

Getting into the entrance you saw it — people everywhere. It should have made you uncomfortable but the drinks threw that feeling (and pretty much every other feeling) right out of the window. Grabbing a gin and tonic at the bar, you headed upstairs to where they were just starting the countdown. You met a regular there named Taka, who after talking with you for a little while tells you to order the “Taka Special” at the bar. You asked the bartender for one and were presented with a shot of vodka and a beer to wash it down.

You remember ordering and drinking the first, and ordering the second, but that’s where it ends. It was a messy way to end a mess of a year, but you had no regrets: you made it home safe.

List price: ¥198,000,000
11 minutes to Denenchofu Station

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