What we are doing to combat Coronavirus

We at ihome Real Estate care about the health of our clients and employees.
To that end we have put in some measures to try and limit the effects of COVID-19.


  1. We sterilize all frequently-touched surfaces twice a day with a 70% alcohol.  These include our doors, computers, desk, chairs, cups, pens, toilet seats (and flush knobs!), bathroom faucets and everything else we can think of. The CDC recommends using a hand sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol content, but we use 70% just to be safe!


2. We supply you, the customer, with a nice spritz of 70% alcohol on your hands when you come in and leave our office.  Also, we supply disinfectant after seeing an apartment or house!


3.  Don’t worry about taking public transportation — we will pick you up from where you live (upon request) if you are within a 5km (just over 3 mile) radius of our office in Nakameguro.  Of course, our car is disinfected before and after use too!


4. We wear masks from the beginning to end of the work day and encourage you to do so too.  Don’t have a mask?  Don’t worry, we’ll give you a new disposable one to wear — and you can take it home too!


5.  Feel the breeze — we keep the windows wide open and make sure our office is nice and breezy throughout the day.  NHK, the Japanese national government, and the Tokyo government all encourage keeping out of small rooms with other people, and if you are in one to open a window!


These are just some of the measures we are implementing to combat the Coronavirus in our office. We hope the current situation will not affect you too much, and feel free to let us know if we can help with finding you an apartment or house during this time. See some of our listings here.