Have a glass of pinot on your large Ebisu balcony

English below:


1R+ロフト、38.07㎡、敷金2ヶ月 礼金1ヶ月





Studio plus loft (1R), 38.07㎡, 2 months security deposit, 1 month key money

Sure it’s a studio apartment and isn’t the standard square or rectangle-shaped unit, but the wraparound rooftop terrace, the 10㎡ lofted area on top of the bathroom, and the high ceilings definitely make up for it. By the way, that lofted area is not included in the total area of the apartment (38.07㎡).

The kitchen is right next to the entrance to the balcony, so imagine the parties you can have out there. And plus, even though it’s a rooftop balcony, there’s a corner that is covered — the perfect area to have your friends eat dinner, even on a rainy day.

It’s also pet friendly, so bring along your four-legged friend.

¥212,000 (management fee included)

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