Industrial-modern renovated apartment in Shibuya

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管理費: 11,260円
修繕積立金: 11,210円


FOR SALE: 1 bedroom 1 bath (1LDK), 45.60㎡

You get back to your newly-renovated Shibuya apartment from work at your design firm. You take it easy that night and wake up the next morning. The weather’s bad, so after watching your morning shows you decide to work from home in your cozy office right next to the living room.

After your long day of work you invite a couple of friends over — you’re making ravioli and you want them to help. You make and cut the pasta, and your friends are at the other kitchen counter behind you, white wine in hand, helping you by stuffing and pinching the ravioli shut.

You finish cooking, move over to the dining room and proceed to eat, drink, and laugh over memories of all the good times you had together.

List price: ¥53,900,000
Monthly management fee: ¥11,260
Monthly co-op fee: ¥11,210
7 minutes to Shibuya Station

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