High ceilings in Sakurashinmachi

English below:


売買物件 3LDK、93.53㎡





FOR SALE: 3 bedroom 1 bath (3LDK), 93.53㎡

You woke up with a headache.  It had been getting colder day by day and the air had become noticeably drier.  Winter had officially begun and the change in pressure had started getting to you.  You make your way down the stairs to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and see the freshly-cut flowers your spouse bought for you on the large kitchen counter.

Sipping on your cappuccino, you start feeling better. Your body starts warming up when you feel something fuzzy.  Looking down you see your dog with his paw on your foot staring at you.  Oh right, it’s breakfast time.

List price: ¥82,800,000
7 minutes to Sakurashinmachi Station

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