Fireplace? Sauna? This Yutenji mansion has it all

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6 bedroom 3 bathroom (+2 walk-in closets), 309.00㎡ (226.93㎡ living space), 2 months security deposit, 1 month key money

Come back from a hard day’s work and hang your coat in one of the two walk-in closets. Take a stroll into the massive living room, make a fire in the large stone fireplace, and sit down to your oven-baked salmon and crème fraîche pasta with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Head upstairs after dinner and sink into the fine porcelain bathtub in the massive bathroom on the second floor then have a schvitz in the wooden sauna.

When you’re all heated up from the sauna, head outside to the large balcony and cool off in the night breeze with your golden retriever while reading that new novel you wanted to get into.

Don’t believe what you’re hearing? This 300㎡+ mansion (in the English sense, not Japanese) is just 6 minutes from Yutenji Station and has everything you need and everything you didn’t know you needed. Everything here is on a grand scale: 5 of its 6 bedrooms are over 20㎡ (one is over 30㎡!), the kitchen is larger than many bedrooms in Tokyo apartments, and it comes with 2 parking spots. Also, pets are more than welcome, and you can even have multiple large dogs!

¥800,000 a month (management fee included)

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