Malibu beach house vibes in Toritsudaigaku

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売買物件 2階建ての2LDK、建物面積:110.26㎡、敷地面積:127.06㎡





FOR SALE: 2-storey 2 bedroom 1.5 bath (2LDK) house, Building: 110.26㎡ Land: 127.06㎡

You were born and raised on the beach but ended up in Tokyo. You’ve made it in the currency trading business and have started up your own firm. You feel like buying a house but don’t get excited by everything you see — you want it to feel like home on the beach.

This house may not be on the beach (the closest beach is about an hour away by car) but it certainly captures the beach house vibes. This house, built in 1981, was completely gutted and renovated by master craftsmen. With its completely open first floor (it was originally 4 bedrooms!) and airy second floor it’s certainly unique and worth taking a look at in person.

List price: ¥139,800,000
7 minutes to Toritsudaigaku Station

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