SOLD Rooftop champagne in Takanawadai

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3 bed 1.5 bath (3LDK), 171.34㎡, 2 months security deposit, 1 month key money

Driving to the airport you felt something you hadn’t in decades — excitement for meeting your parents. You had never been too close with them; in your younger years they were more of a nuisance to you than anything, but having not seen them in over two years, you had a longing to see them more than ever. You, your spouse, and your son get to the arrivals area and a few minutes later see them slowly approach the customs exit. You hold back your tears and give them a much-needed hug and head back home.

You park your car in your giant parking lot and help your parents with their bags. You show them into your spacious living room and your spouse gets the bottle of champagne for them off the island kitchen. It’s a clear night so you all decide to go to your rooftop to enjoy your drinks and gaze on the downtown Tokyo lights.

You all sit on your teak chairs on your rooftop and clink your glasses, reliving memories of past and regretting not calling them as much.

¥490,000 (management fee included)
2 minutes to Takanawadai Station, 10 minutes to Shinagawa Station

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