A rooftop party in Ebisu

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1 bed 1 bath (1SLDK), 74.23㎡, 2 months security deposit, 1 month key money

You spent at least 20 minutes at the corner wine shop, the one with the tasting bar, hearing meaningless words come out of the sommelier’s mouth about how “oaky” and “buttery” each of the wines he poured for you was. After drinking one after another, you started realizing that they all tasted more or less the same, so you went with the least expensive one — the one with the smiling donkey on the label. It was playful but not tacky looking, just as you wanted.

Walking back to your apartment, you remember the call you got from your guest to be — a client whom you haven’t seen in a couple of months. He was known as someone who has too much money for his own good and spent much of it when he was younger. At this point he doesn’t care for the finer things, but the more unique things. He mentioned he had a business opportunity he wants to talk to you about, and had invited himself over to your place that night.

You come around the corner and see some shadows in the distance — there’s 6 or 7 people waiting outside your apartment. One of the shadows grows larger and larger until it hits a beam from a streetlight and it says: “Hey man, we were waiting for you!”

“We?” you think to yourself. You open the door and let him in, holding back your golden retriever who welcomes you home, along with his guests. He pulls you aside and in a quiet voice says, “Sorry, man, I heard you had a crazy rooftop so I called some friends over. Don’t worry though, they’re chill.”

You show them up the concrete stairs, through the large living room and up to the rooftop, where you have your outdoor furniture set up. One of his friends grabs a bucket you use to wash the floor and dumps a few bags of ice in it, followed by some water and 5 bottles of champagne you’ve never heard of. You take out the bottle of wine that you bought and show it to your client, who immediately starts laughing at the label and puts it on the table for everyone to see.

The night goes on and everyone starts pounding back their glasses until their speech slurs and their feet stumble around your rooftop. Everything seems fine until one of your client’s friends steps on your golden retriever’s foot, who, out of surprise, darts forward directly into your client, plummeting him into the table and knocking your unopened bottle of wine onto the ground, completely shattering it.

“Alright, I think it’s time for everyone to go home now,” you announce to your client and his guests. Everyone clears out and after shutting your door and wondering what your client even wanted to tell you, you make your way back to your roof to clean up. Getting up the last stair you turn right and see the shattered bottle. It is in shards all around your rooftop except for a few large pieces held together loosely by the label — of the donkey laughing at your misfortune.

¥360,000 (management fee included)

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