Nirvana in a Roppongi bathroom

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1 bed 1 bath (1DK), 37.30㎡, 1 month security deposit, no key money

It was three years since you last saw her — your best friend from college. You and her used to be inseparable, going to the same parties together, going out to the same bars together, and even sometimes sleeping at each others’ houses. Things all changed when you got your job in Tokyo and she decided to stay in New York.

You promised that you would keep contact with her, and you did manage to do that for the first few months, but eventually your texts went from a few per day to a few per week, then one every month or so, and then nothing — nothing for two years.

One day you get a text at 5AM from her: “Hey.” After looking at your phone and seeing who it is, you spring out of bed in your concrete-walled apartment and quickly answer, “You’re alive!”

It’s still dark out but you decide to put on a pot of coffee and continue the conversation with her. Before you know it, it’s already 8AM and you need to start preparing for your day. You say goodbye, for now, and you draw a bath. Sinking into your tile tub you have flashbacks of the great times you had together. You get dressed, leave your apartment and close the front door. You head over to Haneda to pick her up…

¥210,000 (management fee included)

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