Actually enjoy working from home in Nakameguro

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2 bed 1.5 bath (2LDK) duplex, 60.72㎡, 1 month security deposit, 1 month key money

Every day the numbers started getting higher. It was only time until your company would say it — “Starting tomorrow we will be implementing a mandatory work from home initiative.”

You were prepared for this day ever since you moved into your new apartment. You bought yourself everything to make a workspace in your 2nd bedroom, and got the microphone ready for the long Zoom calls you’ll be having most of the day. Since the bedroom is half underground, you don’t have to worry about the outside noise, so you can hear your colleagues clearly.

Lunchtime comes, and you decide to venture outside. You get your mask on and make your way 3 minutes over to the Meguro river and find a great restaurant offering sushi for take out. You get a couple of rolls and head up to Saigoyama Park to eat your sushi and gaze at the fall colors.

You head back to your apartment and suit up and sit down for the rest of the day’s work. Your dog jumps on your lap to take a snooze as you continue into the night.

¥322,000 (management fee included)

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