Have a window to your bedroom in Nakameguro

English below:







1 bed 1 bath (1LDK), 51.27㎡, 2 months security deposit, 1 month key money, first month rent free

You get off the elevator to your floor, and even before you can put the key into the lock your door you hear it — scuffing, scratching, and the occasional light thump coming from the other side. It used to bother you but you’ve since become used to it and have also grown to love it. You turn the key and open the door to find the source of it: your fiancé’s Miniature Pinscher jumping up and down welcoming you home.

You get in and announce your presence, to which your fiancé responds by sitting up in bed and looking at you through the window to the living room with a look of joy. You hang up your coat in the large closet near the entrance and head over to give your fiancé a much-needed hug — it has been a month since you last saw each other. The move was tough, but you’re looking forward to spending the next two weeks together at home with your fiancé and dog.

¥275,000 (management fee included)

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