A Boston brownstone in Yoyogi

English below:


1LDK メゾネット、52.16㎡、敷金1ヶ月、礼金1ヶ月






1 bedroom 1 bath duplex (1LDK), 52.16㎡, 1 month security deposit, 1 month key money

You walk down the streets of the Yoyogi area of Tokyo and stumble upon it — a large brick building that wraps around the street. It may look like a church or maybe an old warehouse from the outside, but you remember that they don’t really have those in Tokyo. What can it be? You step inside and you find out what it actually is — it’s your next apartment.

This duplex only 2 minutes to Sangubashi Station and 14 minutes to Yoyogi-koen Station is something truly unique. The brick facade and grand entrance transport you to another land; is it London? Is it Boston or Brooklyn Heights?

The spacious living room pulls you in. You can see the potential for dinner parties in this quaint abode. You make your way upstairs and find not only a massive (for Japanese standards) bedroom but a very respectable walk-in closet just waiting for your tweed suits.

You also notice that the floor is not as slippery as other homes you’ve been to in Japan — that’s on purpose. The builders put in non-slip floorboards so that your dog or cat (yes, it’s pet friendly) can enjoy playing and running around inside without worrying about sliding into a wall.

¥230,000 (management fee included)

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