Stylish share office/meeting space in Nakameguro

English Below:

月額 月2程度利 / 20,000円 週1〜2 / 40,000円 フルタイム 100,000円
設備利用費 3,600円※電気、水道込み。

利用時間 8時〜19時 ※時間オーバー臨機応変に対応します。

私物 こちらで指定するボックス30センチ四方程度は常備可能。フルタイムの場合はデスクワゴン1台貸し出しします。



Monthly costs (includes utilities): If using up to twice a month: ¥20,000 If using up to twice a week: ¥40,000 Unlimited use per month: ¥100,000 (There is a management fee of ¥3,600 per month on top of rent) 

Can use from 8AM-7PM However, late-night use is OK if notified in advance Personal belongings must fit in a crate supplied (measures about 30cm x 30cm x 30cm) However, unlimited users will get a rolling filing cabinet to use.

Please note that this space is occasionally used as a studio, and during photo sessions, office use is not allowed.

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